NCS is a three-week programme for teenagers across the UK that takes place in the summer after their GCSEs. In those three weeks, they build confidence, life skills and are better prepared to take their next step in life. But… teenagers don’t know about it. Or if they do, they think it’s just something to put on your CV. When in fact, it’s something that could just change their lives (or at least their summer).
I headed up the social campaign to engage with this most difficult to engage audience. They don’t trust institutions (and the NCS is government backed) they don’t trust advertising. The one thing they do trust – people they see at their peers.
So, i created a series of social campaigns that would speak young person to young person, using the mediums young people use – YouTube and Snapchat.
It started with a disruptive pre-roll campaign using a group of carefully selected influencers. The pre-rolls looked like they were going to be another weekly video from their favourite YT star, but then, a switch of camera angles and the influencer changed tack and said “Are you going to spend your summer watching me? Or are you going to get out there and change your summer.”
This was supported by school snapcodes, snap filters, memes and more encouraging teens to flood their channels with branded UGC. The result was over 100,000 sign ups. And a number of awards, including Best Use of YouTube for Good, Effectiveness Award Winner of Best Influencer Campaign at the UK Content Awards