The Internet Watch Foundation exist to make the web a safer place. They have a simple reporting mechanism, but what they needed was the help of young people who are actively watching porn to help report any Indecent images of children they stumble across. They came to Kindred with a simple challenge: get the people watching porn to report indecent images of children when they come across them.

Indecent images of children (IIOC) is a hugely sensitive and emotive issue. It destroys lives and I didn’t carry the responsibility of that lightly. Yet, I decided not to take a serious and empathy-led approach. Instead I push the creative team to take a risk on using humour. And not just gentle humour – the kind of humour that would provoke surprise and delight in young people.

Enter, Socky – a walking, talking wank sock.

Our wank sock would be an old buddy, who has seen ‘a lot’, and yet who doesn’t shame our young man for watching porn. Instead, Socky was there to make sure that he only watches ‘the good stuff’ to guide him on how to report any images or videos of under 18s that he might stumble upon, and to reassure him how simple and anonymous it all is.

To ensure we had prepared for every eventuality we even went as far as having the scripts pre-tested with victims. Through the Maire Collins foundation, the campaign was researched with a young man who had been a victim of IIOC. Of the idea he said, “it’s breaking the stereotypical dystopian style videos often seen about these issues which don’t really grab attention anymore. I think it’s is a brilliant idea.”

This gave me the confidence to ‘crack on’.

We’re still waiting for results, but so far there have been 5,280,509 video views and 2,665,315 social post engagements. And some of those engagements have been classic!

We are currently developing a poster campaign for schools and colleges.